N.A.W Controls have the capabilities to deliver your next Distribution Board project. 

We have designed the Eureka Distribution Board and Enclosure System, a versatile system that can be adapted to almost any requirement in a Distribution Board build under 800A. 

The Eureka system has been type tested to 50kA / 800A under the standards AS/NZ 61439 and has IP testing capabilities up to IP56.

Other features that the Eureka enclosure system supports includes:

  • Type 2 segregation barriers.
  • Plinths and rainhoods.
  • Depth variations of 200 or 300mm.
  • Enclosure heights from 300 to 2100mm.
  • Width of 600mm.
  • Zinc, Aluminium or Stainless steel.
  • Inclusion of 800A MCCB chassis. 
  • Mechanical Service Enclosures for mounting BMS controllers or other control equipment.
  • In X15 or N42 grey.

N.A.W Controls manufacturing facility also can produce custom control panels, built to your design or we have the capabilty to design and create custom control panels to your specification.

We also specialise in the design of rapid roller door control panels and motor starters.

        Eureka enclosure system